If you are like me who was confused like a toddler in a toy store. Who is thinking which toy to buy which toy not buy because who’s parent has allowed to buy just one toy then we can relate each other condition very well. But I would like to add to the condition that I am a kid who would want to buy the entire toy store. Luckily am little grown up now and look for something reliable and durable.

I got into the above kid & toy situation when I had to buy a gun safe but had no idea what a gun safe is and what is the importance of that. I luckily read this detailed review at this Gun safer Review for under 1000  budget. Yes it sounds like a lot but honestly speaking they are all priced in this region and with a 1000 dollar budget you are in the middle to buy something not too expensive and not too cheap. After all you buy this thing once because you cant spend money again and again for this.

Ideal gun safe should weigh a lot and I really mean a lot. More than 300 pounds to be classified In something good. I bought gun safe weighing around 400 pounds. The more the weigh of the gun safe more is the amount of steel used in the walls of the gun safe. Another important point to consider is the type of lick used in the gun safe. Do note that guns safe should offer you easier access by that I mean to say that you should be able to open it as quick as possible. Its not worth it if you take 5 minutes each time just to access your gun safe.

Gun safe should have big size because it is one time investment as you will not have to spend a lot of money each time just to increase your gun space. So my suggestion is that buy a gun safe which has big capacity so you can rely on it for atleast 5-7 years.  Also check what kind of locks are used. What is the bolt sued in fixing the gun safe .Is your gun safe portable. It should not be too much heavy that you have to fix it for one in life or you need to bring in a crane to move it around your home.

Your gun safe should alos be fire resistant and should have the UL fire rating if possible. Also check the insurance you get with the gun safe. A good gun safe will lower the amount of insurance you pay for you gun safe. It is the best option available for the safety of the gun safe people can offer these days to anybody who own a variety of gun safe in different capacity or in size and shape. IF you need a quality guide to buy a gun safe then simply go to the tell me best link we have shared above in our post. Enjoy and get secured!

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